MRT SolutionsLinux Systems Analyst
Developed activities
– Linux Servers Administration
– Linux OS and services hardening such as Apache, SSH, DNS.
– DNS – Domain Name System 
– DMZ – DeMilitarized Zone – Different layers of network allowed using Iptables and Palo Alto
– SSH – Secure Shell – Security rules, hardening, cryptography keys
– Shell Scripting to backup data using chryptography keys.
– MySQL – Creating database, intregring with Joomla and WordPress.
  Backup and Restore of MySQL dumps.
– Syslog Next Generation, Snoopy-logger, ARPwatch
– Zabbix – Implementing, creating and monitoring services. Implementing items, triggers based on necessity. Maps and link monitoring.
– Service Desk Solution
– Vmware Vsphere – Creating templates and implementing in a VMware.
– Responsible for trainees of the Linux area

Fuctura Technology – Linux Instructor
Developed activities
– Minister of Administration in Linux Systems
– Presentation about differences between distros based in Debian and distros based in Red Hat .
– The importance to use Linux in a company.
– Installing and configuring servers using Ubuntu Server
– How to use and install distros in a Virtualbox.
– Responsible to accompany 15 students per class.
– Minister of Linux Essentials Certification

Techvan Cards Technology – Network Analyst
Developed activities

– Linux Servers Administration
– Firewall (Iptables) to connect sites
– Squi proxy using SAMBA users 
– DHCP configuration configured by MAC address organized by sectors 
– Responsible for file server using SAMBA using users and groups
– NFS – (Network File System)
– NTP – Network Time Protocol integrating with Windows. Linux and CISCO equipaments. 
– VPN – Virtual Private Network to access the company remotelly.
– Hardening in Linux servers and DMZ (Demilitarized Zone)
– Information Security and Technology Documentation

MRT SolutionsLinux Systems Analyst
Developed activities
– Linux Servers Administration
– Linux Services: Firewall (Iptables) and security.
– Hardening in Ubuntu and Red Hat (Physical and Virtualized systems)
– Information security
– Zabbix, Syslog-ng – Snoopy Logger (Monitoring)
– Service Desk Solution
– Vmware Vsphere
– Ironport Appliance – Proxy

Metalis Group – Information Technology Analyst
Developed activities
– Company network management
– Linux Server Services
– DHCP configured per MAC address with documentation of members and sectors.
– Firewall using Iptables and Proxy using Squid with reports (SARG)
– Data backup automated using shell script (Linux and Windows)
– Failover link using Shell Script
– Restore of industry machine using Clonezilla
– Pilot Project Services using Virtualbox virtualization following ITIL V3 (Service Validation and test / Change Management)
– Active Directory – Windows administration – Windows Server 2003 (users and groups)
– E-mail client support (Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird)
– Network monitoring (Protocols and ports using nmap and tcpdump
– Internet users support

Pontes Hotels and Resorts – Trainee Supports Analyst
Developed activities
– Administration of the hotels network (Mar Hotel, Atlante Plaza and Summerville)
– User file system management of hotels (Windows Server 2003)
– Hotel security using iptables firewall
– SAMBA file server
– Responsible for Secure Group Backups
– Monitoring access and download of users using Linux (Squid)
– Lotus Notes – Client Server (Support of database emails and modules)